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Hi, I'm Bunny... An Expert in Keeping Your Home/Work Life Beautiful

As a busy mom with two wonderful boys, it was a challenge at first to keep up with my pre-mom level of cleanliness and organization. What this has taught me is the value of efficiency (without giving up quality in the details) and... the importance of creating a beautiful space for my family...and yours. 


Did you know that there is a psychological relationship between anxiety, stress, productivity and having a messy,  disorganized home or workplace?  Is it time to go beyond the illusion of clean?


We have all been there, having spent the last available hour in our day cleaning up, we notice the giant fluffy dust bunnies under the table and think, "next week"

I believe a good foundation makes it easier to Live Your Best Life and have created my business to give you the most important foundation of all, a clean and organized space...where you can create a healthy, abundant lifestyle instead of a to-do-list.  

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Leaves Shadow

Bunny is an excellent detail person. She even cleans on top of the cupboards and under the Fridge and Stove!

Bunny is the cleaner for you if you want more than just the appearance of clean.  Once she is done, you will come home and feel the difference!

Leia G.

Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services

Custom Cleaning & Organizing

Licensed * Insured * Bonded

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Located in Calgary, AB Canada


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